Dating Just Got Quicker, And More Sketchy



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OkCupid has launched Crazy Blind Date that skips all the pre-date, online banter and gets right to meet-up. Host Rachel Martin has more on the app.

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Chloe's suitor might find use for a new app from OKCupid. The dating site has played matchmaker in the past by helping singles connect with romantic possibilities who live in their neighborhood and by organizing events where members can get together. Now, OKCupid has launched something called Crazy Blind Date, and it skips all the predate online banter and gets right to meet-up. After creating a simple profile, users indicate what nights they might be free. The app then searches for other singles also available at that time and matches them up. Bada-bing, bada-boom, you're on a date. OKCupid's Sam Yagan told the New York Times, quote, "People want instant gratification. It's the trajectory of the industry. But make sure you've got your friend on standby for that emergency phone call - in case you need to end the date - just as quickly as it started." Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.