ATM Spews Cash For University Of Delaware Student



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Devon Gluck wanted $40 from the ATM but instead, he got $1,800. Ten days later, he decided to return the money, which apparently had come out of another student's account.

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It may seem like the tech company is squeezing every cent out of you, but our last word in business is the story of a man who let some money go. A University of Delaware student stepped up to an ATM and asked for $40 - two 20s, that's what would normally come out.


Two bills arrived but there were hundred dollar bills, and then more bills arrived, and more. Devon Gluck received $1,800.

INSKEEP: Ten days later, Mr. Gluck decided to return the cash, which apparently came out of another student's account. He tells Delaware Online it just took a while to compose himself before returning the money.

DEVON GLUCK: Now I'm looking into going into banking and finance, so I thought this was a good opportunity to like, meet someone, get a good reference and do the right thing.

INSKEEP: And just to confirm what the right thing was, he called his dad who did advise him to give the money back.

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