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New Mix: Deerhunter, YACHT, Youth Lagoon, GEMS, More40:55

Clockwise from upper left: Deerhunter, Youth Lagoon, GEMS, YACHTclosemore
Clockwise from upper left: Deerhunter, Youth Lagoon, GEMS, YACHT

Bob Boilen is back after several weeks for this week's episode of All Songs Considered, and at least part of this week's show is Robin coming to terms with Bob's new beard. After moving through the stages of denial, grief and anger, Bob and Robin finally find acceptance by sharing new music that, as Robin puts it, "hits them just right." Bob brings music that makes him laugh and think and music from bands fully coming into their own, while Robin offers rock with a vulnerable side and a couple of new projects from bands pairing technology-heavy production with sharp political awareness.

Bob and Robin are also joined in the studio by NPR Music's Stephen Thompson, who writes the All Songs advice column The Good Listener. Stephen brings with him his latest column's quandry, about height-based etiquette at shows, and he, Bob and Robin discuss the surprisingly passionate responses he's gotten so far. (If you have a question for The Good Listener, email Stephen at goodlistener@npr.org.)

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