Left Behind: What's The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Lost At A Music Festival?

Who wears purple furry boots to a rock show? (Bob Boilen/NPR)

At a recent concert, James Richardson of MGMT implored each member of the audience to get crazy and toss their left shoe at the stage. And, in typical crowd fashion, it took only a few brave souls before the great Huntington Beach shoe toss ensued. Which got me thinking about our recent trip to the Sasquatch music festival in the Pacific Northwest.

I was there when The Flaming Lips left the stage at Sasquatch. When the crowd took off, I was stunned by what was left behind.

Pants, chairs, sunglasses, jewelry, hats. And a whole lot of shoes.

It's not like everyone went home and got new shoes — it was a four-day festival. So tell me: What do you do with one shoe and days of walking ahead of you? And what's the weirdest thing you've ever lost (or found) at a concert?

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