Trent Reznor Releases 'Ghosts' for All

The Internet has forced musicians to rethink how they promote music, as well as how fans interact with it. Following the examples of Radiohead, Saul Williams, and other artists, Trent Reznor left his major record label to self-release Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts I-IV. A week after its release, his Web site reported more than 750,000 purchases and downloads. In this interview, Reznor talks with host David Dye about his decision to set up a small studio to work on his project free of label restrictions.

Ghosts' 36 tracks are instrumental. All the elements of Reznor's production are present — out-of-tune pianos, razor-sharp ambience, jarring percussion — but his textures are more pronounced than ever. The discs make for great remixing material, which is exactly what Reznor has provided his fans. Each song is available as a high-quality multi-track download for those wishing to tinker; thus, the listener has an opportunity to become engaged in the music.

This segment originally aired April 9, 2008.

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