After A Change Of Heart, Marina Reclaims The Diamonds

Marina Diamandis. (Courtesy of the artist)
Marina Diamandis. (Courtesy of the artist)

Channeling your art and music into another identity is not unusual for pop artists. Lady Gaga changes costumes and assumes different characters almost nonstop; musicians from Beyonce to David Bowie have released work under names meant to serve as their alter egos. But what happens when that different identity doesn't fit anymore?

Take singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis, for example. For about two years, she took on a different persona — the dark brunette donned a platinum-blonde wig and became Electra Heart, which doubles as the title of her second album. For her newest LP, Froot, Diamandis is back to her old stage name: Marina And The Diamonds.

Diamandis ditched her alter ego for a sound and persona that's all her own. "In terms of the production and the way that the vocal was produced, I didn't feel that it represented who I truly was," she says. At the audio link, hear her discuss Froot and the experiences that led to the change in an interview with NPR's Rachel Martin.

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