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49ers Fan's Prayers Are Answered03:53


On most Sundays, die-hard 49ers fan Tyler Scott would be in church. That's because he's a pastor at the Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley, California. However, this weekend, he swapped shifts with a fellow pastor so that he could be in the crowd at Candlestick. But first, he took some time to talk with Bill Littlefield.

"Once I saw the Packers were going to lose, and we were going to host this game," Scott said, "I just thought,  'Wow, if my friend can speak for me, and this can work, I really need to be at that game.'"

Scott will still be speaking at the morning services, where he said he expects to see plenty of 49er red and gold among the members of the congregation.

"We have a split congregation, about 4000 people," he said. "I would say about it's pretty much 50-50 in terms of who are Raider fans and who are 49er fans, but there is a strong contingent of 49er fans."

Scott's family has held season tickets for his entire life, but he says that it was a bit of a scramble to track down tickets for Sunday's game. Because he works on Sundays as a pastor, his sister has first dibs at the family seats, so Scott had to scour Craigslist.

"I had a little bit of money to spend on the tickets because I had bought and sold some tickets that were undervalued. Once I called this guy to buy his tickets, it turns out that the guy that was selling the tickets was my best friend from Junior High. We had a quick, painless negotiation on the ticket price."

Although he would love to see his team play in the Super Bowl, should they advance that far, Scott says he has other engagements.

"We're hosting a marriage conference at our church, so I'll be here hosting that. It's a Friday-Saturday conference.  It's hard enough to get men to a marriage conference. We wouldn't schedule it for Super Bowl Sunday."

This segment aired on January 21, 2012.

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