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Only A Game is radio for the serious sports fan and the steadfast sports avoider.

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Gino Marchetti fought in the Battle of the Bulge and starred in what's been called the "The Greatest Game Ever Played."


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10:18Jul 16, 2016

Still Fighting: Christy Martin Battles For A Life Outside The Boxing Ring

"I made a substantial amount of money during my boxing career and, wow, it's gone," Christy Martin says. "I had lots of cars. Lots of things. All gone. At the same time, I would give up all those things to be rid of him." The former boxing champ tells the...

An award-winning weekly sports magazine hosted by veteran NPR commentator Bill Littlefield, Only A Game puts sports in perspective with intelligent analysis, insightful interviews and a keen sense of humor.

Saturdays, 7 a.m and 7 p.m. ET


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Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

The WNBA wants athletes to use their platforms to speak out on social and political issues. Or does it? Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce look at the league's contradictory actions. Plus, Deflategate is over. Where does it rank on the list of all-time silliest sports debacles?

06:14Jul 23, 2016

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