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Searching for the Perfect Tomato45:57


Just in time for Memorial Day weekend planters, we’re on the hunt for the perfect tomato.


The smell of the vine. The layers of aroma, firmness, color, flavor, satisfaction…joy.

Arthur Allen has jumped on the search for the perfect tomato.

He's followed the roots back to ancient days, and into cannery, and farmer’s market, and the perfect patch of Baja and Campagna.

The humble tomato has become a poster child for our battles over what is authentic, genuine, rich, edible.

This weekend, you may be planting. Choosing. Dreaming of the harvest.

This Hour, On Point: the hunt for the perfect tomato.


Arthur Allen, author of “Ripe: The Search for the Perfect Tomato.” You can read an excerpt. Allen is a former correspondent for the Associated Press. He has written for the New York Times Magazine, The New Republic, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Slate, Smithsonian and Salon. He is also the author of "Vaccine: the Controversial Story of Medicine's Greatest Lifesaver."

J.J. Gonson, locavore chef with a background in short order and home cooking. She is founder of “Cuisine En Locale,” a personal chef service. Boston Magazine recently named her “Best Personal Chef” in Boston.

This program aired on May 28, 2010.

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