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Week in the News46:03


“Top Kill” drama in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama speaks on offshore oil. World markets on pins and needles.


There's far more oil boiling up there than we’ve been told. The President held a full-dress press conference to address the still-unfolding catastrophe.

In the House, there’s a vote to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” on gays in the military.

In the Koreas, there’s a hot standoff unresolved. In the markets, there’s a little relief from the big slide, but still pins and needles over Europe’s mess.

Thank heavens, it’s Memorial Day weekend.

This Hour, On Point: our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.


Doyle McManus, columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor for the Financial Times.

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and senior editor for The Atlantic.

This program aired on May 28, 2010.

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