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The Democrats’ shellacking. The president takes the hit and heads for India. Cargo bomb fallout. It's our weekly news roundtable.


"Shellacking" is the word President Obama gave it. Like George Bush’s “thumping,” only bigger.

Tuesday’s midterm House losses for the Democrats were the biggest for either party since 1938. GOP House leader John Boehner wept. GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell said on to 2012.

But in the meantime, the country has huge challenges right now. The unemployment rate is unmoving again today at 9.6 percent, though there was a net gain of 151,000 jobs last month. And a new Congress is headed in with high spirits and a barrel of its own issues. So, what now?

After the midterms, our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines. 
-Tom Ashbrook

John Harwood, chief Washington correspondent for CNBC.

Jeff Zeleny, national political correspondent for the New York Times.

Susan Davis, congressional correspondent for The National Journal.
**Note: Jack Beatty is on vacation.

This program aired on November 5, 2010.

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