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Venturing Into The Winter Wonderland

We’re closing up shop here for the night. For a roundup of the storm, its aftermath and the recovery efforts, check out:

WBUR will continue to offer coverage throughout the weekend.

Most of all, be safe out there. And try to have some fun, like this guy:

A snowboarder catches some air while taking advantage of a makeshift terrain park on Boston Common on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013. (Charles Krupa/AP)

A snowboarder catches some air while taking advantage of a makeshift terrain park on Boston Common on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013. (Charles Krupa/AP)

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Latest Forecast

Meterologist Mark Rosenthal spoke with WBUR’s Susan Levy.

He said that about 25 to 35 inches of show fell in and around the Greater Boston area. Skies will clear up this evening.

Listen to his full forecast:

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Blizzard Time-Lapse, With WBUR Voices

Patrick Peralta, of Arlington, documented the snowstorm’s progress by making a time-lapse video of his backyard. Recognize those voices in the background?

For more user-submitted videos and photos of the blizzard, check these out:

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Updates From Mass. Transportation Secretary

Transportation Secretary Richard Davey (@MassDOT) spoke with WBUR’s Susan Levy.

Listen to the full interview:

Road Clean-Up

“We are redeploying equipment from the western part of the state to the central and eastern part of the state…We’ve also reached out to other states for assistance,” Davey said.

About 3,600 crews have been on rotation, cleaning up the state’s roads.

MBTA Still Shut Down

“Bus service would be significantly hampered with local road conditions. And with the subway system, we have a serious communications problem right now, which we are rectifying,” he said. “Our focus is to ensure that the Monday morning rush hour is as normal as we can make it.”

Take Home Message

“We really are asking folks tonight to travel only if necessary because we have a lot to do to clean this up,” Davey stressed. “The storm is over but our clean-up is just beginning.”

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Outage Update: More Than 350,000 Without Power

Screenshot of NSTAR's outage map.

NSTAR outages as of 4:25 p.m. Saturday. (Click to go to live map)

Over 240,000 NStar customers (or, about one out of every five) don’t have power, as of 4:40 p.m. Saturday. National Grid is reporting just over 125,000 customers without power.

Follow their outage maps here:

In the wake of a two-alarm fire Friday night in Roxbury caused by candles in a bedroom, Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser recommended, “Please don’t use candles. Try to use flashlights. If you must use a candle, don’t leave it unattended.”

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This Was Boston’s No. 5 All-Time Snowstorm

The National Weather Service Boston has just released this graphic (click to enlarge):

CLICK TO ENLARGE: A NOAA review of the top 10 all-time snowstorms in southern New England

A NOAA review of the top 10 all-time snowstorms in southern New England

At 24.9 inches at Logan Airport, this snowstorm checks in at No. 5 all-time for the city.

A February storm in 2003 holds the record, at 27.6 inches of snow. At No. 2 is the famed Blizzard of ’78, with 27.1 inches.

Notice also the marks elsewhere in southern New England. Worcester’s airport received 28.7 inches of snow, good for No. 3 all-time in that city. Hartford saw its second-biggest-ever snowstorm, at 22.8 inches, and Providence had its ninth-biggest storm, with 17 inches of snow.

All this, of course, pales in comparison to Portland, Maine, which surpassed its previous record of 29.3 inches of snow.

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Gov. Patrick: Remove Snow From Roofs, Be Cautious On Roads

Here are a couple of highlights from Gov. Deval Patrick’s afternoon press conference.

Rake Those Roofs 

The governor said the existing amount of snow coupled with forecasts for warmer temperatures and rain on Monday could lead to structural problems for homeowners.

“With the rain coming on top of the snow, it adds significantly to the weight and therefore the structural risks to some roofs…a particular concern to flat roofs,” he explained.

“Begin to remove snow from roofs as the weather permits. Do that with a snow rake or get a professional who knows what they’re doing. Don’t take any unnecessary chances, ” Patrick advised.

Travel Ban Lifts, But Dangers Remain

The travel ban lifts at 4 p.m. Saturday, but the governor urged people to still stay home.

“There were lots of people…walking in the streets because the streets were mainly clear. That’s one reason. The other reason they were walking in the streets is that the sidewalks are not clear.  With the lifting of the travel ban it means that everyone — drivers and pedestrians — have to exercise extreme caution,” he said.

“It is still the better judgement, if you can, to stay in and off the roads and let those who are clearing the snow and helping us recover and restore ourselves to normal do their jobs with as little congestion and interruption as possible.”


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Bruins Game Cancelled

(Curt Nickisch/WBUR)

Outside TD Garden in Boston’s North End on Saturday morning. (Curt Nickisch/WBUR)

If you were hoping to watch the Bruins play the Lightning tonight, here’s some unfortunate news:

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Latest Forecast: ‘Tomorrow The Sun Will Shine’

“The big story now is the wind and the cold,” meterologist Mark Rosenthal said. “If you’re digging out, you need to bundle up. Wind chills are running zero or below. The wind in Boston is still from the northwest, gusting over 35 miles per hour.”

Listen to his full forecast:

Rosenthal did have a little bit of optimism, though. “The good news is tomorrow the sun will shine. It should be about 35 or 36 degrees,” he said.

And that, of course, reminded us of this:

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Advice From The Mayor’s Office

Here are some highlights from Mayor Thomas Menino’s midday press conference.

Snow Everywhere

“Please stay home so we can allow our crews easy passage to those streets,” the mayor advised. “Start shoveling today. Please help our public works employees out by not throwing snow back into the streets.”

The mayor also emphasized watching out for young kids playing outside. “The [snow] drifts are so high in some locations that little kids get hidden behind them and cars come around the corner — you might have an accident.”

“Please stay off those major arterials, ” Traffic Commissioner Tom Tinlin added. “Please leave your cars in those garages. Adhere to the parking bans and to the travel bans.” (The statewide travel ban lifts at 4 p.m. Saturday.)

Put Away Those Candles

Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser urged residents to take community responsibility. “Help us help you by shoveling out the fire hydrants in your neighborhood,” he said.

In light of the two-alarm fire last night in Roxbury caused by bedroom candles, Fraser added, “Please don’t use candles. Try to use flashlights. If you must use a candle, don’t leave it unattended.”

Help The Homeless

“Our shelters are open. They’re open all day; they’re open all evening,” Barbara Ferrer, Public Health Commissioner said. “Today we will have many people who are homeless who will venture back out to just get out of the shelters for a break…We especially need to make sure this evening that people come back in.”

“If you see homeless people, people poorly dressed  people who appear very disoriented or severely intoxicated — these are emergency calls. They should be made to 911,” Ferrer explained. “Both our EMS service and our police are prepared to go out and pick up those people and help them get to a safe place.”

Shovel Safely

“The snow’s wet, it’s heavy, and there’s a lot of it. You need to use a lot of caution if you’re going to try to shovel out snow today,” Ferrer cautioned. “This is a job only for people who are physically fit. We ask that if you’re not physically fit, you please take a lot of care; try to find somebody else to help you shovel out, or take it very slowly.

“With this kind of wind chill factor, nobody should be outside that’s not appropriately dressed,” she added.