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Video: Veterans Bring Hope To Blast Victims

Less than a week after losing both her legs below the knee in the blasts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Celeste Corcoran sits in a hospital bed next to her daughter, 18-year-old Sydney, who suffered injuries from severe shrapnel wounds.

“I can’t do anything right now,” Celeste says.

But Gabe Martinez and Cameron West, two Marines with the nonprofit Semper Fi Fund, are there to tell her it gets better.

“Right now, yes, but I’m telling you, with all my heart, you are going to be more independent than you ever were,” Martinez says. “This is basically the start, you know, this is the new beginning for the both of you.”

According to The Boston Globe, between West and Martinez, they had lost three legs and part of a hand in separate bomb blasts in Afghanistan in 2010. The veterans visited four hospitals in a 24-hour trip to Boston.

Watch the full video, which was posted on a fundraising page for the Corcorans, here:

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Timeline: How Events Unfolded In The Search For The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

WBUR has reconstructed a timeline of the chaotic manhunt for the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. On Thursday evening, the FBI released surveillance images of two suspects. Here’s what happened after that.

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Map: Cambridge Road Closures

The city of Cambridge is closing various roads beginning before the Wednesday morning rush hour for the memorial service in honor of MIT police officer Sean Collier.

The following roads will be closed to vehicular traffic:

The following roads will be closed to both vehicular traffic and pedestrian and bicycle traffic:

(Map source; View full size)

Update at 2 p.m.: Here’s the report on the now-completed memorial.

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Boylston Street, Copley Square T Station Reopen

Update at 5 p.m.: Here’s WBUR’s Fred Bever on the reopening.

The Associated Press reports:

Traffic was allowed to flow all the way down Boylston Street on Wednesday morning for the first time since two explosions on April 15 killed three spectators and sent more than 260 to the hospital.

Delivery trucks made their way down the street under a heavy police presence.

Workers at some businesses and hotels in the area were allowed to return to their jobs on Tuesday to prepare for reopening.

Some stores directly affected by the blasts are still boarded up.

The Copley subway station that had been closed since the bombings also reopened, while the main branch of the Boston Public Library was also scheduled to reopen Wednesday.

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Man Who Found Suspect In His Boat Calls Himself ‘Incidental Hero’

David Henneberry, the Watertown resident who found the surviving Marathon bombing suspect in his boat Friday evening, called himself an “incidental hero” in an interview with WCVB-TV.

The Associated Press adds these details of the interview:

Henneberry said he didn’t see blood outside his boat Friday evening, but went to check it twice because its cover was disarranged. The second time, he climbed a ladder, lifted the wrap, and saw “a good amount” of blood on the floor.

Henneberry said he saw a body inside, but didn’t see the face. He said he doesn’t remember going down the ladder to call 911, but says “I didn’t waste any time.”

You can watch the full WCVB interview here.

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One Fund Boston Has Raised More Than $20M

One Fund Boston administrator Kenneth Feinburg, surrounded by public officials, offers details on the fund and its workings Tuesday. (George Hicks/WBUR)

One Fund Boston administrator Kenneth Feinburg, surrounded by public officials, offers details on the fund and its workings Tuesday. (George Hicks/WBUR)

Donations to the One Fund Boston, benefiting victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, have surpassed $20 million, officials said today.

Fund officials will begin taking applications from victims on May 15, and people will have a month to register. The first payments are expected to be distributed June 30.

In a news conference, the fund’s administrator, attorney Kenneth Feinberg, said: “One hundred percent of funds allocated to One Fund Boston will be distributed by the Fourth of July to every eligible claimant, who have examined the claim form and have satisfied that they’re eligible.”

He added:

It’s not a lot of money when you look at the nature of injuries, the number of injuries, how you’re going to divide this money. It is a wonderful outpouring, but it won’t make people whole.

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Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Wife In ‘Absolute Shock’

Katherine Russell, the wife of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, says “reports of involvement by her husband and brother-in-law came as an absolute shock,” according to a statement released through her attorneys and obtained by The Boston Herald.

More from the statement, via the Herald:

As a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, Katie deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims — students, law enforcement, families and our community. In the aftermath of this tragedy, she, her daughter and her family are trying to come to terms with these events.

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Looking Back At Dzhokhar Tsarvaev’s Tweets

The tweets from the account believed to be Tsarvaev’s are a mixture of profane, mundane, silly and sometimes ominous.

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Tsarnaev’s Condition Now ‘Fair’

This just in from the U.S. attorney’s office in Massachusetts:

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Martin Richard, Youngest Bombing Victim, Laid To Rest

This statement was just released from Denise and Bill Richard, parents of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old killed in last week’s bombing:

The outpouring of love and support over the last week has been tremendous. This has been the most difficult week of our lives and we appreciate that our friends and family have given us space to grieve and heal.

A private Funeral Mass was celebrated this morning with immediate family. We laid our son Martin to rest, and he is now at peace. We plan to have a public memorial service in the coming weeks to allow friends and loved ones from our community to join us for a celebration of Martin’s life.

WBUR’s Delores Handy reports on response of the family’s community: