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Equality For Female Athletes Still A Struggle, Even After Title IX21:26


In 1972, Title IX legislation was created to prevent sex discrimination in U.S. education. In practice, it has come to mean gender equality in school sports programs. But almost 40 years later, that equality is still a struggle.

From &quot;A Hero For Daisy&quot;
From &quot;A Hero For Daisy&quot;

On Wednesday, the National Women's Law Center filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights against 12 school districts across the country, including Worcester. The complaints alleges that those districts have failed to provide equal athletic opportunities for high school girls.

But the sports equality problem is by no means limited to those dozen school districts, the center said. Yet if Title IX is a struggle now, the pace of equality was glacial in its early days. Even though Congress passed Title IX in 1972, it still took three years for President Gerald Ford to sign it into law.

We take a look at Title IX almost 40 years after its implementation.


  • Mary Mazzio, documentary film maker, former Olympic athlete
  • Jack Sullivan, journalist, Commonwealth Magazine
  • Dana Skinner, athletic director, UMass Lowell

This program aired on November 10, 2010.

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