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New Transportation Secretary Richard Davey Goes From One Handful To Many27:30


Here are  just a few of the things that await MBTA chief Richard Davey in his new job as Massachusetts Transportation Secretary: a recent scandal that includes corroded light fixtures in the Big Dig and allegations of institutional transparency problems; persistent leaking in the Big Dig tunnels; a financing gap that falls short of funding existing infrastructure repairs, let alone new projects; and news Thursday that water is seeping underneath the MassPike tunnel roadway.

We'll ask Davey how he plans to bring a culture of openness to the department, and how he will finance the state's aging trains, roads and bridges and build for the future.

Do you think the Big Dig tunnels are safe? Do the state's public transportation systems work well? What do you want to ask Richard Davey?

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  • Richard Davey, general manager, MBTA; incoming state Secretary of Transportation

This segment aired on August 11, 2011.

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