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Expert: New Israeli-Inspired Security At Logan Falls Short10:59


Starting this week, travelers passing through Logan International's Terminal A will be subjected to so-called "behavioral screening." TSA agents will ask travelers simple questions — such as, "Where are you headed?" — and watch for shifty responses that might indicate devious intent.

As reported by NPR's Tovia Smith, this 60-day trial program is inspired by Israeli security procedures that have kept Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International safe from attack since 1972.

But Rafi Sela, an international airport security consultant based in Israel, says what the TSA is trying out at Logan probably pales in comparison to the Israeli protocols.


  • Rafi Sela, international transportation security consultant based in Israel; president, AR Challenges

This segment aired on August 16, 2011.

Adam Ragusea Reporter/Associate Producer
Adam Ragusea was formerly a reporter and producer for WBUR.


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