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MC Frontalot Takes Rap 'Nerdcore'12:30


MC Frontalot is a 30-something former web designer, graduate of Wesleyan University, and a current resident of Brooklyn. He' s also at the forefront of the hip-hop genre known as "nerdcore."

MC Frontalot, also known as Damian Hess, describes himself on Facebook as the world's 579th-greatest rapper. "This has been scientifically determined by scientists, using science," he says.

He also tweets, blogs, Tumblr's, and hosts something called an "open source beat project" on his website, where he also recommends web browser extensions.

MC Frontalot has just released his fifth studio album called "Solved," and he'll be performing at the Middle East in Cambridge next Wednesday, November 9th. Ahead of that performance, he spoke with Radio Boston from Jacksonville, Fla.


This program aired on November 2, 2011.

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