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'The Real Romney': Unmasking The Man, The Candidate14:52


In many ways, an American Presidential race is the world's biggest Rorschach test. In the amorphous shape of a candidate, voters see what they want to see. Still, there is an actual person dwelling within the political persona. The question is, how much of the distortion - how much of the ink-blottiness - of the candidate's personality is due to the demands of a modern presidential campaign, and how much is due to self-distortions made by the candidate himself?

This time around, there's no one the question applies better to than Mitt Romney. It may be the No. 1 long-term issue dogging his campaign. Who is this guy? Social conservative or political moderate? Visionary businessman or ruthless capitalist? Slick political strategist or flip-flopper?

Two veteran political reporters from The Boston Globe tackle the question head-on in a new biography, entitled: "The Real Romney."


  • Scott Helman, co-author of "The Real Romney" and staff writer at The Boston Globe
  • Michael Kranish, co-author and deputy Washington bureau chief for The Boston Globe


This program aired on January 18, 2012.

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