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ImprovBoston Takes On Public Radio With New Show: 'WIPR'09:00

A scene from the ImprovBoston show, "WIPR: Improvised Public Radio." (Courtesy ImprovBoston)MoreCloseclosemore
A scene from the ImprovBoston show, "WIPR: Improvised Public Radio." (Courtesy ImprovBoston)

In a new show, "WIPR: Improvised Public Radio," ImprovBoston is trying its hand at parodying public radio.

"WIPR: Improvised Public Radio" runs Fridays at 10 p.m. until Feb. 12.


Benjamin Snitkoff, director and cast member in "WIPR: Improvised Public Radio." He's also an improv instructor, and an attorney at law at Modern Renaissance Legal. He tweets @WIPR914.

Lauren Magnuson, cast member in "WIPR: Improvised Public Radio."


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This segment aired on February 5, 2016.

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