2012 In Review: Political Junkies Anticipate Full Year Ahead

From a special election to fill U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s seat to a mayor’s race in Boston, 2013 is shaping up to be a busy year in Massachusetts politics.

Why Scott Brown Lost

For the GOP to make a comeback in Massachusetts, WBUR’s Republican analyst says it needs to be a more inclusive, creative, reform party.

Random Thoughts On The Morning After

Massachusetts’ standing as a graveyard for presidential candidates remains intact, says WBUR’s analyst.

Analysis: Presidential Race, Gender Gap Affected Senate Outcome

WBUR’s political analysts take a final look at Warren’s U.S. Senate election.

Throwing The TV Out The Window: Obama Campaign's Secret Weapon

This presidential election will test a modern twist on an old-school approach to campaigning: ground game.

Can Romney Lie His Way To The Presidency?

WBUR’s analyst takes issue with 17 Mitt Romney claims.

Payne & Domke: Previewing Election Day

WBUR’s political analysts, Dan Payne and Todd Domke, discuss the upcoming Senate election.

What If Scott Brown Loses?

WBUR’s political analyst tries out a few post-election scenarios.

Do Disasters Help Incumbents? Survey Says: Yes

President Obama may benefit politically from Hurricane Sandy, provided his relief efforts are viewed as timely and well-managed.

Reputation Of Mass. In 2013: Most Liberal, Libertarian, Libertine State?

WBUR’s political analyst cautions that in voting for this year’s ballot questions, we could unknowingly be determining the reputation of our state.

Scott Brown's In Trouble And Knows It

As the campaign enters its final week, Sen. Scott Brown appears to be falling behind Elizabeth Warren, writes our analyst.

John Tierney's Fatally Flawed Strategy

WBUR’s Democratic analyst says U.S. Rep. John Tierney has followed a reelection strategy that created a contest he could not win.

TV Ad War — Brown Vs. Warren

Our analyst says the TV ad war between the Senate candidates tells the tale of how the race evolved.

Analyst: Warren’s Lead In WBUR Poll Not A Safe One

WBUR’s political analyst give their take on the latest WBUR poll numbers, which puts Warren ahead of Brown, 48 to 43 percent.

Obama Wins And Loses Debate By Being Prosecutorial

Our analyst writes: Obama’s strategy was to be prosecutorial, and he succeeded. Romney’s strategy was to be reassuringly presidential, and he too succeeded.

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