In an ongoing series, “Visionaries,” WBUR will profile individuals from Greater Boston who have become acclaimed creative leaders in diverse fields: science, business and the arts.

This series airs on WBUR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered and is funded in part by The Boston Foundation.

Visionaries: MIT Scientist Helps Blind Indian Children See, And Then Learns From Them

Pawan Sinha is expanding the project he founded to combine science with humanitarian work: It provides eye surgery for poor blind Indian children, and then advances brain science by studying them as they learn to see.

Visionaries: MIT’s Alan Guth Made A ‘Spectacular Realization’ About The Universe

Guth’s “cosmic inflation” is accepted as the most plausible explanation for the evolution of the universe.

A ‘Messenger To Mankind,’ Elie Wiesel Continues His Fight Against Indifference

Fifty-four years after the publication of his seminal memoir, “Night,” the Holocaust survivor, now 85, asks: “Haven’t we learned anything?”

Visionaries: For Surgeon, Face Transplants Help Patients Emerge From ‘Social Death’

We profile Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, a 42-year-old plastic surgeon who led a campaign to do face transplants at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Visionaries: One Harvard Scientist’s Quest To Find A Cure For His Kids

When Doug Melton, one of the premier stem cell scientists in the world, found out his son had Type 1 diabetes, he transitioned from basic research to a search for a cure.

Visionaries: Harvard Doctor Bridges Research And Action In Global Health

Dr. Anne Goldfeld does the work of three people: fighting for human rights, treating seriously ill patients in Cambodia and Ethiopia, and conducting research to help eradicate AIDS and tuberculosis.

Visionaries: Zipcar Founder Sees Success In Sharing

Zipcar founder Robin Chase believes that collaboration is essential to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

Visionaries: Dr. Jim O'Connell, Provider Of Health Care To The Homeless

Dr. Jim O’Connell has made Boston a model for how to provide health care to the homeless, and his approach is now a template for similar programs around the world.

E Ink Founder’s Startup Goal: Power The World With Efficient Nuclear Power

Russell Wilcox co-founded E Ink, the company that took a new technology out of MIT to create and build e-reader screens. Now he’s taken the helm of another start-up out of MIT with the goal of powering the world on nuclear waste alone.

Visionaries: Author M.T. Anderson, Pioneer Of Smart Young Adult Fiction

Since the late 1990s, Cambridge author M.T. Anderson has been crafting smart, often dark books for teens that also draw adult readers.

Visionaries: Terri Lyne Carrington, Jazz Prodigy

From a teenage appearance on the “Tonight Show” to a 2012 Grammy Award, Terri Lyne Carrington remains a role model not just for drummers, but for aspiring female musicians everywhere.

Clara Wainwright: Fabric Artist, First Night Creator On Community Art

Local fabric artist and quilter Clara Wainwright and one of her quilt collaborators talk about the nexus between community building and art.

Visionaries: Creative Power Couple Bill And Clara Wainwright

Over four decades, Clara and Bill Wainwright have nurtured countless creative collaborations in Boston while making their own work and overcoming some major obstacles.

Visionaries: Musical Innovator Tod Machover

We begin a new series, “Visionaries,” by profiling the tech-driven, inventive composer Tod Machover.

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