Boston Marathon Bombings

Mass. ACLU Files Suit On Terrorism Task Force

April 10, 2014

BOSTON — The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is suing the FBI and the state’s U.S. Attorney to obtain information about the operations of the state’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Congressional Hearing Reflects On Marathon Response

April 09, 2014
Ex-Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, left, and Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau, center, applaud as Watertown Police Sgt. Jeffrey Pugliese and fellow Watertown officers are acknowledged during a Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

BOSTON — The former Boston police commissioner and the Watertown police chief testified on the response to last year’s marathon bombing.

Turning Left On Boylston: Thousands Return To Boston To Finish What They Started

April 09, 2014
Boston Police stop marathon runners with less than a mile to go, minutes after word of a explosions near the finish line. (Courtesy Kevin Donovan)

BOSTON — Last April, 5,633 runners passed the halfway mark of the 2013 Boston Marathon before being stopped on the course and told their race was over. We speak to four who are coming back to finish what they started.

Heather Abbott Helps Spaulding Unveil Artwork Dedicated To Fellow Bombing Survivors

April 04, 2014

BOSTON — The painting, which will hang in the hospital’s Charlestown facility, depicts a runner with the number 617 crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon. He has a prosthetic leg, on it reads the words “Boston Strong.”

Report: Boston’s History Of Hosting Large Events Helped Marathon Response

April 03, 2014

BOSTON — The Harvard report commended senior commanders for quickly coordinating the response, but found communication broke down days later during the manhunt for the suspects.

Marathon Victim Sues Glenn Beck For Defamation

April 01, 2014

BOSTON — A Saudi Arabian man injured in last year’s Boston Marathon bombings has filed a defamation and slander lawsuit against conservative commentator Glenn Beck for allegedly saying on the air that the plaintiff was “the money man” behind the attack.

Boston Marathon Reflections: ‘I Walked Right Into The Second Bomb’

March 31, 2014
Marc Fucarile

Marc Fucarile spent a total of 100 days in two hospitals after losing a leg and suffering multiple injuries in the bombing. He describes the moments after the blast until he arrived at the hospital.

Video: Boston Bombing Survivor Dances Again

March 28, 2014
Marathon bombing victim Adrianne Haslet-Davis dances at the TED Conference in Vancouver on Wednesday. (James Duncan Davidson/TED via Flickr)

BOSTON — Adrianne Haslet-Davis took the stage at the annual TED conference in Vancouver earlier this month as part of a talk led by the man who helped created her new bionic dancing limb, MIT engineer Hugh Herr.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was Approached To Be An Informant, Defense Says

March 28, 2014

BOSTON — Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense lawyers say Tamerlan was approached by the FBI, but prosecutors say they have no evidence of the contact.

Patrick: Can’t Second Guess Todashev Shooting Probe

March 26, 2014

BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick says he’s in no position to second guess an investigation clearing an FBI agent of criminal charges in the fatal shooting last year of a friend of one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

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