Stories concerning the local offshoot of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Occupy Boston Marks 1-Year Anniversary

September 30, 2012
Members of the Occupy Boston movement, students from area colleges, and union workers march through downtown Boston on Nov. 2, 2011. (AP)

On Sept. 30, 2011, Occupy Boston launched what turned into a 72-day occupation of Dewey Square.

Mass. Fare Hikes Targeted In State House Protest

April 05, 2012

Occupy the MBTA established what it called Camp Charlie on the State House steps shortly after the T’s board voted Wednesday to raise fares an average 23 percent.

Boston Police Spend $1.4M On Occupy Boston Camp

February 10, 2012

Boston spent $1.4 million on police overtime at the Occupy Boston encampment, but overall police overtime was down in 2011 by about 6 percent.

Judge Keeps Twitter Case Records Sealed

December 29, 2011

A Suffolk Superior Court judge is keeping all records under wraps related to a subpoena for Twitter account information of some Occupy Boston supporters.

Without A Camp, Occupy Boston Seeks Next Phase

December 19, 2011
Ousted from its Dewey Square encampment, what's next for Occupy Boston? (Joe Spurr/WBUR)

Evicted from their camp, Occupy Boston demonstrators continue to meet on a daily basis. But what’s the future of the movement, and has it been successful so far?

Occupy Harvard To Downsize Camp

December 15, 2011
Occupy Harvard Yard, on Nov. 10 (WBUR)

The demonstration known as Occupy Harvard is nearing an end. After five weeks, protesters early next week plan to remove most of the tent city set up at one of the country’s most elite universities.

Occupy Boston Protesters Weigh Next Steps

December 12, 2011

Two days after police evicted Occupy Boston protesters from their more-than-two-month-old encampment at Dewey Square, the group is looking for a new way to spread its message.

Occupy Boston Protesters Face Arraignment

December 12, 2011

The dozens of Occupy Boston protesters arrested when their encampment was dismantled over the weekend face arraignment this week, while the movement contemplates its next moves.

With Protesters Gone, Crews Work To Restore Greenway

December 12, 2011
Workers use an air spade to aerate the soil in Dewey Square Sunday.(Kathleen McNerney/WBUR)

With the Occupy Boston encampment gone, work begins to make the Dewey Square park green again.

Despite Eviction, Protesters Hold Mass In Dewey Square

December 11, 2011
Members of Occupy Boston celebrate Mass Sunday morning in Dewey Square. (Kathleen McNerney/WBUR)

Sunday morning, about two dozen Occupy Boston members gathered to celebrate Mass as they did for the last several weeks. This time, it was not in the spirituality tent, but next to barricades surrounding their former encampment.

Slideshow: Occupy Boston Eviction

December 10, 2011

The following images were taken early Saturday morning as more than 100 police officers descended on Dewey Square to evict the Occupy Boston protesters.

Cleanup Begins After Police Evict Protesters; Dozens Arrested

December 10, 2011
Boston police arrest an Occupy Boston protester, early Saturday (Boston Globe/pool photo)

Crews are cleaning up Dewey Square after police evicted Occupy Boston protesters. In what took just over one hour, more than 100 police officers moved in around 5 a.m. to enforce the city’s eviction order, more than 24 hours after a Friday morning deadline.

Occupiers Remain As Police Don’t Evict Overnight

December 09, 2011
An Occupy Boston protester wrapped in an American flag rests against a tree in Dewey Square in Boston, early Friday. (AP)

Approximately three dozen protesters remain of the once hundreds that use to occupy Dewey Square Friday. Protesters are figuring out what to do next after Boston Police did not evict demonstrators from their Dewey Square campsite overnight, despite Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s announcement Thursday that they had until midnight to voluntarily leave the camp.

Cop Trainer Talks Crowd Removal Strategies

December 08, 2011

With an eviction of the Occupy Boston camp looming, how will police try to ensure that their crowd removal operation goes smoothly? A law enforcement expert discusses best practices.

Map: Major Occupy Sites In The U.S.

December 08, 2011

The following map shows the Occupy encampments that have sprouted up across the country since late August, when the Occupy Wall Street movement began. The red markers represent encampments that have been removed, and the green markers depict active encampments.

Menino To Occupy Protesters: Clear Out By Midnight

December 08, 2011
The notice of trespass given to Occupy Boston protesters Thursday evening (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

A mayoral spokeswoman said if protesters refuse to leave police would take “necessary and appropriate” action to remove the encampment.

After Ruling, Occupy Boston’s Dewey Square Days Could Be Numbered

December 08, 2011
Occupy protester Steven Pimental, of Boston, removes foam rubber from his tent at the Dewey Square encampment, in Boston, Monday. (AP)

In a ruling Wednesday, the State Superior Court said the city can evict the tent camp from the Greenway if it finds the encampment violates health and safety rules. Lawyers for Occupy Boston said they will appeal the ruling, while the city said it’s time to start taking down the tents.

Judge Denies Occupy Boston’s Bid To Bar Eviction

December 07, 2011

A judge said that while the demonstrators are exercising free speech, they do not have a right to seize and hold the public land.

City Blocks New Tent At Occupy Boston

December 05, 2011

Occupy Boston protesters who brought a large, fire-resistant military tent for their camp have taken it away after the city refused to allow it.

3 Occupy Boston Arrests In Dispute Over Kitchen Sink

December 02, 2011

Police have arrested three protesters from the Occupy Boston movement, accusing them of disorderly conduct after dozens of activists surrounded a patrol wagon and refused to let it move.

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