2012 Mass. Senate Race

Stories about the Brown-Warren Senate election in 2012.

A Note To The GOP From Romney’s Predecessor: Wake Up

November 09, 2012
Former Mass. Gov. Jane Swift's message to the GOP, "It’s the demographics, stupid."  In this photo, Swift, left, speaks to Gov.-elect Mitt Romney in the governor's office during inaugural ceremonies at the Statehouse in Boston Thursday, Jan. 2, 2003. (Matt West/AP, pool)

If the Republican Party wants a future — particularly in Mass. — it needs to repair the rift it’s caused with youth voters, women and people of color.

Why I Am Voting For Scott Brown

November 05, 2012
Republican Sen. Scott Brown at a campaign news conference in Boston, Tuesday Oct. 16, 2012. (Charles Krupa/AP)

Scott Brown has a moderate voting record and deserves more time to cement his position as a centrist voice on our increasingly partisan national stage.

Why I Am Voting For Elizabeth Warren

November 05, 2012
Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren campaigning in Medford, Mass., Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012. (Michael Dwyer/AP)

Elizabeth Warren has all three of the vital qualities we need in a U.S. senator: conviction, foresight and tenacity.

Overview: Epic Mass. Senate Battle Races To Election Day

November 03, 2012
Sen. Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren (AP)

The race has been one of the hardest fought, most personal, most costly political dogfights in Bay State history.

Brown, Warren Battle For The Union Vote

November 02, 2012
Surrounded by police officers, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown speaks during a campaign event in Milford on Thursday. (Steven Senne/AP)

On the campaign trail, both Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren have been reaching out to unions.

U.S. Senate Hopefuls On A Last-Minute Voter Push

November 02, 2012
Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, left, campaigns for Sen. Scott Brown in Boston's North End on Friday. (Monica Brady-Myerov/WBUR)

Brown and Warren are ramping up their GOTV efforts ahead of Tuesday.

In Campaign’s Final Days, Brown Stresses ‘People Over Party’

November 02, 2012

Sen. Scott Brown’s message in the final days of the campaign: “People over party.”

Warren Urges Supporters: ‘Make This Happen’

November 02, 2012

The campaign is in its final days. It’s time to rally supporters.

What If Scott Brown Loses?

November 01, 2012
Surrounded by police officers, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown speaks during a campaign event in Milford on Thursday. (Steven Senne/AP)

WBUR’s political analyst tries out a few post-election scenarios.

Groups Pour $5.6M Into Mass. U.S. Senate Race So Far

October 31, 2012

The money is going toward mailings, door-to-door canvassing, bumper stickers, signs, salary and automated phone calls.

Spouses Pick Up The Pace On U.S. Senate Trail

October 31, 2012
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown drives his truck as his wife Gail Huff gestures to supporters after a campaign stop in Watertown Oct. 24.

Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren have stretched their reach by sending their spouses out on the campaign trail more frequently.

Poll: Warren Holds Edge In U.S. Senate Race

October 30, 2012

The new poll shows Warren favored by 53 percent of likely voters, compared with 46 percent for Brown.

Organizers Cancel 4th Mass. U.S. Senate Debate

October 30, 2012
Sen. Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren (AP)

The debate was originally scheduled for Tuesday but was postponed because of Sandy.

Sandy Affects U.S. Senate Race’s Final Days

October 30, 2012

A new poll shows the race between Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren is essentially a dead heat.

Sandy Forces Delay To Last Senate Debate

October 29, 2012

Sandy is throwing a wrench into the fourth and final debate of the U.S. Senate campaign in Massachusetts.

Poll: Mass. Senate Race Remains Virtual Dead Heat

October 29, 2012

Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren both received the support of 47 percent of those polled.

Scott Brown's In Trouble And Knows It

October 29, 2012
Sen. Scott Brown speaks with reporters at Mul's Diner in Boston in 2011. (Josh Reynolds/AP)

As the campaign enters its final week, Sen. Scott Brown appears to be falling behind Elizabeth Warren, writes our analyst.

Little Attention Paid To Climate Change In Brown-Warren Race

October 29, 2012
Members of the group "Massachusetts 350" stand vigil in Boston, hoping to increase attention to climate change in the U.S. Senate race. (Martha Bebinger/WBUR)

A group of activists is holding an eight-day vigil at City Hall in Boston to bring attention to the issue.

Warren, Brown Woo Women Voters In Senate Race

October 26, 2012
Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, left, applauds as U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., gestures during a campaign event at University of Massachusetts-Boston, Friday. (Elise Amendola/AP)

With Election Day rapidly approaching, the two candidates again appealed to all-important women voters.

TV Ad War — Brown Vs. Warren

October 25, 2012

Our analyst says the TV ad war between the Senate candidates tells the tale of how the race evolved.

‘Obama Supporters For Brown’ Work To Court Black Vote

October 25, 2012

With less than two weeks before Election Day, Sen. Brown’s campaign is using new tactics to try and court Boston’s minority voters.

Brown Rejects Indiana Senate Candidate’s Rape Remark

October 25, 2012

Richard Mourdock, a Republican Senate candidate from Indiana, said that he believes when a woman becomes pregnant during a rape, “that’s something God intended.”

N.J. Gov. Christie Campaigns With Sen. Brown

October 24, 2012
Sen. Scott Brown campaigns in Watertown Wednesday with the support of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, center. (Fred Thys/WBUR)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Elizabeth Warren a “partisan, liberal elite” and Sen. Scott Brown a “problem solver.”

Conservative Rage, Liberal Despair

October 22, 2012
Platters of sugar cookies bearing the likenesses of President Barack Obama, left, and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, are available for sale on the counter at the Oakmont Bakery on Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012 in Oakmont, Pa. (Keith Srakocic/AP)

The era of hyper-partisanship in this country will only diminish when (and if) the ragers on the right start to become more self-critical, and the mopers on the left more outwardly courageous.

Brown Is Steady, But Warren Wins 'Real' Issues Debate

October 11, 2012
Republican incumbent Sen. Scott Brown shakes hands with Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren prior to their debate in Springfield, Mass., Wednesday Oct. 10, 2012. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

In the absence of questions her Native American ancestry, Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Sen. Scott Brown have a fair and orderly discussion of real issues.

Copping To My Minority Status

September 27, 2012
If Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren is guilty of exploiting her ethnicity for personal gain, Steve Almond says he is too. In this May 2, 2012 photo, Warren faces questions from reporters on her Native American heritage. (AP File Photo)

If Elizabeth Warren is guilty of exploiting her ethnicity for personal gain, Steve Almond says he is too.

Elizabeth Warren's Uphill Battle

September 13, 2012
Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren talks to the media after casting her vote in the Massachusetts state primary election at the Graham & Parks School in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. (AP Photo)

As election season enters its post-convention phase, the underlying reasons for Elizabeth Warren’s inertia have begun to emerge. John Sivolella says the bad news for Warren is that they’re not easy to correct.

Scott Brown's Outrage Is Misplaced

August 13, 2012
Sen. Scott Brown called foul last week after voter registration  forms were mailed to thousands of welfare recipients. Commentator Eileen McNamara calls it a “manufactured controversy.” (AP File Photo)

Sen. Scott Brown calls foul after voter registration forms are mailed to thousands of welfare recipients. Commentator Eileen McNamara calls it a “manufactured controversy.”

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