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Rachel Zimmerman worked as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal for 10 years, most recently at the Boston bureau covering health and medicine. She’s also written for The New York Times, the (now-defunct) Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and the alternative paper, Willamette Week, in Portland, Oregon, among other publications. She is the co-author of The Doula Guide To Birth (2009), published by Bantam/Random House. In 2008, she spent the year as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT. Rachel lives in Cambridge with her two daughters.

Recent stories

How Childhood Stress May Lead To Disease Later In Life

October 01, 2015
Thomas Haynie/Flickr

Researchers suggest that if stress response systems are altered in childhood it may make people more reactive to stress and more prone to its cumulative effects over time.

Majority Of Young People With Depression Don’t Get Treatment, Report Finds

September 30, 2015

Only 22 percent of youth with severe depression receive any kind of consistent outpatient treatment, the report found.

Why To Exercise Today: It May Make Bullied Adolescents Feel Less Suicidal

September 29, 2015
Nick Tonkin/Flickr

Researchers report a 23 percent reduction in both suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts among bullied students who exercised 4 or more days a week.

Study: Dietary Supplement To Boost Sexual Performance Often Mislabeled, Posing Risks

September 22, 2015
(Photo: R. Zimmerman)

If you’re not a man in the market for a natural way to boost your sexual performance, you may be unfamiliar with yohimbe, an African tree whose bark yields an ingredient used as an aphrodisiac.

App-Assisted Labor: Smartphones During Childbirth Are All The Rage, But Do They Help?

September 18, 2015
contraction timer

We already date, order takeout, and document supremely intimate moments on our phones. So it’s no surprise that smartphones have also permeated the realm of childbirth.

Why To Do Yoga Today: Some Relief For Arthritis Sufferers

September 16, 2015
Santa Catalina School/Flickr

Yoga may benefit the not-so-fit as well: a randomized trial of 75 adults with two common forms of arthritis found yoga can be both safe and effective for improving pain, energy, mood and for carrying out daily activities.

Vaginal Mesh Study: Complications More Likely With Lower-Volume Surgeons

September 15, 2015
(wikimedia commons)

If you happen to be one of the thousands of women facing surgery to treat stress urinary incontinence, there’s one pretty clear path to lower risk: Find a surgeon who performs many, many of these operations.

Stressed-Out Undergrads And The College Mental Health Crisis

September 08, 2015

The bottom line: undergrads are struggling, many of them suffering from mild, moderate and severe mental illness. And colleges are scrambling to figure out ways to cope, from setting up automated counseling kiosks to launching campaigns promoting the message that it’s all right to ask for help.

CDC: One-Third Of Children With ADHD Diagnosed With The Disorder Before Age 6

September 03, 2015
Vivian Chen/Flickr

The median age at which children with ADHD were first diagnosed with the disorder was 7 years old.

Why You Should Get Plenty Of Sleep Tonight: Avoid That Cold

September 01, 2015

Adults who slept fewer than 5 hours or between 5 and 6 hours were at greater risk of developing a cold compared to those sleeping more than 7 hours per night, according to the study.

At 45, Caught Between Mammograms

November 17, 2009

New research says most women under 50 don’t need routine mammograms. That’s confusing news to a 45-year-old woman whose recent mammogram turned up a calcification.

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