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(Art: Iliana Galvez)
(Art: Iliana Galvez)

I can still see her if I close my eyes: red lips, brown skin, big hoops. I can also still see myself — 7 years old, new to this country, figuring out how to belong.

I couldn't believe one of ours had made it. Those of us in the middle who felt like we weren't the right type of Mexican in Mexico or the right type of American in the U.S. But Selena was enough — in both places.

That meant, maybe, I could be enough.

Then she was gone — suddenly, violently. Her death changed us. It changed me.

A quarter century later, I’m on the biggest quest of my career, investigating Selena's legacy. The journey has led me to some of the biggest revelations about my identity, my community and my country.

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Maria Garcia Managing Editor
Maria Garcia was WBUR's Managing Editor and the creator of "Anything for Selena."



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