How Do Our Brains Process Stories?: 'BrainsOn!' Has Some Answers

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(Courtesy of Annie Spratt for Unsplash)
(Courtesy of Annie Spratt for Unsplash)

You’ll be hearing a bunch more folktales from around the world over the next months. But for today, Circle Round is bringing you something a little different.

It’s a podcast from our friends at American Public Media called “Brains On.”

The folks at Brains On ask questions… and go wherever the answers take them. And the really cool part? A different kid — someone just like you — co-hosts each episode!

This week, we learn how our brains process stories!

Things To Think About After Listening
Isn’t it fascinating to think about what our brains do when we read stories? All those different parts firing off to help us imagine how characters look, and feel, and what they’re doing?

So now… it’s your turn.

Pick a character from one of the Circle Round stories you’ve listened to — any character at all. How do you imagine that character looks? Tall? Short? How is he or she dressed? What expression does the character have on his or her face?

Get some markers, crayons or colored pencils and draw a picture of your Circle Round character. When you’re done… if you feel like it… share your picture with us! Your grown-up can email a photo of your artwork to

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