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Daily Rounds: Supreme Uncertainty; Alzheimer's Families; Freedom Of PSA Speech; Barefoot Running

This article is more than 7 years old.

What happens after health law ruling? (USA Today/Kaiser Health News) "A Supreme Court decision expected as early as Monday could eliminate a key plank of the law: the mandate that nearly everyone obtain insurance. The court also is weighing whether to strike down other sections of the new insurance marketplaces where 20 million people — those already with individual policies and those seeking them — are supposed to find health plans."

See more Kaiser Health News coverage of what is expected to happen after the Supreme Court ruling.

How do you live knowing you might have an Alzheimer's gene? (New York Times magazine) - "More than five decades later, many of these relatives have come together to be part of a large international study of families who carry an Alzheimer’s gene. The study, known as DIAN (for Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network), involves more than 260 people in the United States, Britain and Australia and includes at least 10 members of Doug and Gary’s family. By early next year, DIAN researchers plan to begin a new phase. Subjects will receive one of three experimental drugs that the researchers hope will slow or stop the disease in people otherwise destined to get it."

Intimidation tactics? (Inside Higher Ed) "The investigation came about after Wilkes filed a written complaint to the committee in late 2010, alleging that there had been a “blatant breach of my academic freedom.” The fracas started after Wilkes, an expert on prostate cancer, co-wrote the op-ed (along with a University of Southern California professor) questioning the efficacy of the prostate-specific antigen screening test, often referred to as the PSA, only days after some faculty members at the school were part of an event that promoted the test."

Barefoot Running: Paleo fact or paleo fad? (NPR) - "I learned that the debate isn't correctly framed as being about shod versus barefoot running. Instead it's about whether our exercise and foot health really benefit from the expensive running shoes pushed on us as part of consumer culture."

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