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Farm Contractors Balk At Affordable Care Requirements

Many in the agriculture industry in California are worried about an Obamacare requirement that employers offer workers health insurance in companies of 50 or more people.

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Gulf Of Mexico Open For Fish-Farming Business

For the first time, companies can apply to set up fish farms in U.S. federal waters. The government says the move will help reduce American dependence on foreign seafood and improve security.

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Chipotle Closes Restaurants To Hold Meetings On Food Safety

Chipotle held food safety meetings on Monday in all its restaurants. Stores won't be open for lunch but will be later in the afternoon. Managers will review new protocols designed to prevent the outbreak of food-borne illnesses. More than 500 people got sick last year after eating at a Chipotle.

Sorry, Sushi Burrito: Japanese Program Certifies Authentic Cuisine

In a world of Big Mac sushi and Cajun rolls, Japan is launching a new program to certify the 89,000 Japanese restaurants outside the country that uphold traditional washoku cuisine values.

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The Best And The Worst Of Super Bowl Ads

There was little excitement in this year's crop of Super Bowl ads. Many of the best had already been seen on social media; the others were underwhelming.

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Why The U.S. Still Has No Viable Alternatives To Russian Rocket Boosters

When it comes to launching top-secret military satellites, the Pentagon relies almost entirely on rocket engines made in Russia. The U.S. has been using Russian rocket boosters for the past 2 decades.

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How To Get Dads To Take Parental Leave? Seeing Other Dads Do It

Social scientists see long-term benefits to new dads spending a few months caring for a baby. But these studies won't nudge fathers to take leave if they still see a work culture that frowns on it.

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Boeing Can Sell Planes To Iran, But Does Iran Want Them?

The lifting of sanctions allows Boeing to sell planes to Iran. But Iran, which still flies Boeing planes bought before the 1979 revolution, just announced a major deal with Airbus.

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How Do You Spot A Nonconformist? You Can Start With Their Internet Browser

According to Adam Grant, a person's preferred browser is one way to tell whether they accept or reject the defaults in their life. His new book is called Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World.

Confused About Your Student Loans? You're Not Alone

Here are the tips, tools and calculators that can help make sense of all that debt.

How The Sharing Economy Works On The Farm

February 8, 2016
Boyd Brodie of Key Cooperative in Roland, Iowa, hopes exchanging equipment with other owners will help him better meet the needs of local farmers while also recouping some of Key’s investment in expensive machinery. (Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media)

When times are tough for farmers, they can’t invest in new machines. To compensate, farming equipment has entered the sharing economy.

Lessons From Flint's Water Crisis

February 8, 2016
In this Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 photo, a Flint resident carries free water being distributed at the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church in Flint, Mich. Since the financially struggling city broke away from the Detroit water system in April 2014, residents have been unhappy with the smell, taste and appearance of water from the city's river as they await the completion of a pipe to Lake Huron. They also have raised health concerns, reporting rashes, hair loss and other problems. (Paul Sancya/AP)

Flint is a cautionary reminder of just how essential water is for life.

U.S. Economy Adds 151,000 Jobs In January

February 5, 2016
Trader Fred DeMarco, left, works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Friday, Feb. 5, 2016. Stocks moved moderately lower in early trading Friday after a report showed that U.S. job creation slowed last month. (Richard Drew/AP)

The job growth wasn’t as strong as it was at the end of last year, but it was enough to bring unemployment down to 4.9 percent.

China Makes A $43 Billion Bid For Syngenta

February 3, 2016
Chinese Ren Jianxin (Left), Chairman of ChemChina gestures next to Michel Demare, Chairman of Swiss farm chemicals giant Syngenta during a press conference to present Syngenta's annual results at the company's headquarters in Basel on February 3, 2016 State-owned China National Chemical Corp on February 3, 2016 offered $43 billion in an agreed takeover for Swiss pesticide and seed giant Syngenta, in what would be by far the biggest-ever overseas acquisition by a Chinese firm. ( MICHAEL BUHOLZER/AFP/Getty Images)

ChemChina, China’s state-owned chemical corporation, is making an offer on the Swiss seeds and pesticides company.

Energy-Producing States Cope With Falling Oil Tax Revenue

February 3, 2016
A truck on I-10 in Colorado County, Texas, hauls drilling pipe in 2013, (Dave Fehling/Houston Public Media)

Oil tax money pays for everything from roads to education in Texas. With prices slumping badly, how bad could it get?

The Super-Wealthy VC Behind The Fight For A $15 Minimum Wage

February 2, 2016
Nick Hanauer, a venture capitalist, is fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. (

Tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer believes a higher minimum is good business and the right moral choice.

Cost Of Investing Falls As Companies Try To Attract New Investors

February 1, 2016

The number of funds that cost $10 or less for every $10,000 invested has more than doubled in recent years, according to Morningstar.

The Coming Sea Change In Meeting New England’s Energy Needs

February 1, 2016
Fred Hewett: "The compelling logic of offshore wind makes you wonder what took us so long to catch on." Pictured: A lobster boat passes the country's first floating wind turbine off the coast of Castine, Maine, which has been generating power since the summer of 2013. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

The compelling logic of offshore wind makes you wonder what took us so long to catch on.

Baker Outlines Economic Development Legislation

January 28, 2016
Gov. Charlie Baker speaks to WBUR in his State House office in December. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

The bill would invest up to $918 million in capital funding.

Mass. House Speaker Robert DeLeo On His 2016 Agenda

January 28, 2016
Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo faces reporters at the Statehouse. (Steven Senne/AP)

House Speaker Robert DeLeo is pledging to take up charter school expansion this year, among other things.

Avoid Tax Identity Theft By Filing Early

January 28, 2016
Taxpreparers are bracing for new rules now that the Affordable Care Act has official kicked in. (Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

An expert says “it’s a race” to file your taxes before someone else tries to pose as you to get your tax return check.

Larry Summers: Economy Faces 1 In 3 Chance Of Recession

January 27, 2016
Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers visits FOX Business Network at FOX Studios on January 30, 2015 in New York City. (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

With U.S. stocks off to a dismal start in 2016, we check in with the former U.S. Treasury secretary.

Strong Month Ends Strong Year For Mass. Home Sales

January 27, 2016

The Warren Group said sales were up nearly 17 percent over December 2014 while the Realtors reported a nearly 14 percent year-over-year increase.

Federal Reserve Meets Amid Wild Swings In Markets

January 26, 2016
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks during a press conference following the announcement of an historic rate increase, the first since 2006, in Washington, DC, December 16, 2015. The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday its first interest rate increase in more than nine years in a landmark move signaling the US has finally moved beyond the 2008 crisis. The Fed raised the benchmark federal funds rate, locked near zero since the Great Recession, by a quarter point to 0.25-0.50 percent, saying the economy is growing at a moderate pace and should accelerate next year. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

The Fed raised interest rates last month for the first time in nearly a decade, and some are concerned that may have been a mistake.

Baker Seeks $5M In Funds For Populations Struggling With Joblesssness

January 25, 2016
Gov. Charlie Baker, left, walks into the House Chamber to deliver his State of the State address on Thursday. (Michael Dwyer/AP)

In its budget proposal, the Baker administration will propose $5 million for populations that face chronically high levels of unemployment.

East Coast Blizzard Expected To Take Smaller Economic Toll Than Weekday Storms

January 25, 2016
Workers clear the street of snow two days after a massive snowstorm covered the East Coast of the United States in snow on January 25, 2016 in New York City. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Jill Schlesinger of CBS News discusses the economic effects of the winter storm, and the types of businesses most affected.

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