The Infidelity Episodes: Esther Perel

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The Sugars exploration of infidelity culminates in Part 3, a conversation with Esther Perel. The relationship therapist is focusing her attention on the subject of infidelity - what it is, why we do it, and what it means to us. They also take a question from a married man who longs for lost intimacy with his wife, while also engaging in multiple affairs on the side.

In Part 1, the Sugars took on the Betrayed, and in Part 2, the Betrayers.

Show notes

[0:01] “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl,” Nina Simone, 1967.

[1:15] "Mating In Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence," Esther Perel, 2007.

[1:21] Esther Perel, website.

[1:53] "Rethinking infidelity...a talk for anyone who has ever loved," Esther Perel, TED, March 2015.

[2:46] Part 1: "Dear Sugar, The Infidelity Episodes: The Betrayed," September 11, 2015.

[2:47] Part 2: "Dear Sugar, The Infidelity Episodes: The Betrayers," September 18, 2015.

[4:23] Shirley Glass, website.

[36:00] "Don't Give Up On Me," Joe Cocker, "Hymn For My Soul," 2008.

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