Earthwhile is WBUR’s environmental team, reporting on climate change, energy, ecology and environmental health in New England and beyond.

We’re zeroing in on a subject of immense importance, which scientists, policy-makers and activists say could bring existential questions for humanity.

Our team of experienced journalists promises to bring you a greater understanding of the changes and challenges the planet faces, big and small. We want to start new conversations through our rich stories and soundscapes that we hope will teach, intrigue and entertain you. Our reporting aims to help listeners and readers see the connections between the environment and topics that may seem unrelated, like public health, business and infrastructure.

These stories are for everyone. We want to reach our loyal readers who already care deeply about environmental news, as well as those who may not be as interested or feel overwhelmed by the big stakes.

We take up the challenge of breathing life into subjects like federal legislation, flood insurance and photovoltaic chemistry. We hope our enthusiasm — for everything from sewage outfalls to battery technology — is contagious. With us, you’ll get rigorous reporting, engaging multimedia and even live events at CitySpace.

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