Show rundown for 3/13/2003

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U.S. May Delay Vote on U.N. Resolution

The latest on the international tweaking of a United Nations resolution for disarming Iraq. A vote had been expected at the U.N. tomorrow, but now Bush says the U.S. may wait.

Before War, Companies Can Already Bid to Reconstruct Iraq

The expected war in Iraq hasn't even started yet, but the U.S. government is already putting out bids for contracts on rebuilding Iraq.

Consequence Management

From Kuwait, we speak with Brigadier General Cornel Wilson, commander of a task force for "consequence management", to find out just what the term means for U.S. soldiers.

Steps of Our Ancestors

Here and Now's Bill Delaney shares some thoughts on recent evidence of ancient human footprints found in Italy.

Iraq Before Saddam

We speak with a Sarah Lawrence College history professor, an expert on Iraq, about the rich history of the Middle Eastern country, and the circumstances around Saddam Hussein's rise to power.

Elizabeth Smart Found Alive After 9 Months

Fifteen-year old Elizabeth Smart from Utah has been found alive after being kidnapped 9 months ago, but there are many questions about just what happened to her during that time.

Abortion Bill Debated

The Senate is expected to vote today on a controversial bill to limit so-called partial birth abortion.

Letters from You

Listener letters and comments.

War Poems

We received hundreds of verse submissions when we asked people to write poems about their feelings and thoughts on war. We'll have the results from our most recent poetry challenge.

This program aired on March 13, 2003.

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