Show rundown for 3/14/2003

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Setback for the U.S. at The United Nations

The Bush administration is still struggling to form an international consensus. Now, the president has arranged a meeting at the Azores Islands this weekend to meet with the leaders of Spain and Britain on Iraq.

Human Shield Deported From Iraq

We speak with a war veteran opposed to a U.S. war who was recently deported from Iraq, despite the fact that he offered to act as a "human shield."

Retail Sales Down

While President Bush is focused on war plans, the latest news on the U.S. economy is not good, with a large drop in retail sales.

Spring Gardening Tips

We speak with WHYY's Mike McGrath for tips on getting your garden ready for spring and summer.

Editorial Roundtable: The Domestic Agenda

Our editorial roundtable looks at the full domestic agenda awaiting Washington lawmakers, with or without a war in Iraq.

A Silver Lining

Host Robin Young shares her thoughts on what's been a rough winter, in the weather and in the news.

"The Safety of Objects"

We review the new film about suburban angst, "The Safety of Objects," based on the short stories of A.M. Homes.

This program aired on March 14, 2003.

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