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Baghdad Debrief

A debrief from Baghdad, as President Bush's deadline for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq approaches.

Iraq Exodus

A report on the flow of refugees out of Iraq trying to get to safer border areas before the war begins.

Turkey to Vote on Aiding U.S. Military

The latest from Ankara, Turkey, a key strategic location U.S. forces are hoping to access to open a Northern front against Iraq.

U.N. Officials Meet on Iraq, Anyway

United Nations officials are meeting today, despite the recent failed efforts to reach an international consensus on dealing with Iraq.

Following a U.N. Weapons Inspections Team

We speak with a spokesperson for U.N. weapons inspectors who was with the team that recently left Iraq.

U.S. Considers Iraq "Wild Card" Aggression

We consider the possible desperate measures Saddam Hussein may take against the U.S. military in the coming war.

Protesting Easter Baskets with War Toys

We speak with a young woman who's protesting the sale of Easter baskets at K-Mart that come with toy military items, like plastic grenades and guns.

Inside the White House Situation Room

We speak with Michael K. Bohn, author of "Nerve Center," about the White House room where presidents strategize during times of crisis.

This program aired on March 19, 2003.

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