Show rundown for 3/20/2003

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War in Iraq Begins

The latest military analysis now that the war with Iraq has officially begun.

World Reacts to Iraq War

We get international reaction to the start of the war in Iraq.

America's Next Move

A check-in with a correspondent from the Army Times about what the U.S. may do next in the effort to topple Saddam Hussein.

The Fate of Kurds in a Post-Saddam Iraq

Michael Goldfarb of WBUR's "Inside Out" documentary unit talks about how Kurds in Northern Iraq are reacting to war.

Congress Agenda Full

Congress has a full agenda, complicated now by the start of the war. We get the latest on Congressional reaction to the war's beginning and the business at home that still needs attention.

International Press Round-Up

A round-up of press reaction to the start of the war from the Arab world and elsewhere.

U.N. and Refugees

An update on discussions about the refugee problem ongoing at the U.N.

Profiling Saddam Hussein

Historian and political scientist Amatzia Baram gives insight into the motivations driving the Iraqi leader.

This program aired on March 20, 2003.

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