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March Towards Baghdad Slows

The U.S. military has been delayed in its march towards Baghdad, and U.S. forces are encountering resistance in the town of Al Nasiriyah, where a contingent of Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers is believed to be headed.

Two Competing Strategies

We speak with retired Special Forces Colonel Kalev Sepp about U.S. military strategy and the tactics being employed by Iraqi forces.

Northern Iraq Kurds Await Breakthrough

The latest from Northern Iraq, where Iraqi Kurds are waiting for a breakthrough in the U.S.-led effort to topple Saddam Hussein.

The Basra Uprising and British Forces

We get the latest on the situation in the Southern Iraq city of Basra, where there were reports yesterday of an uprising by Iraqi citizens against some Iraqi soldiers, an effort that was reportedly supported by British forces.

The Shia Muslims of Iraq

The future of Iraq will be determined by many factors, including the influence of religious groups in the Middle East. We examine the history of Shia Muslims in the region.

Analysts Criticize Bush $75B War Chest

President Bush has asked for up to $75 billion for the war effort, but some analysts say that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Senate Reduces Bush Tax Cut

President Bush was dealt a blow recently when the Senate voted to cut in half his proposed tax cut, reducing its size from $726 Billion to $350 Billion over ten years.

India and Pakistan Test Fire Missiles

India and Pakistan once again engaged in back and forth testing of missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Author Joseph Braude on Rebuilding Iraq

Joseph Braude, author of "The New Iraq," talks about rebuilding the country's human infrastructure.

News Wrap 03.26.03

A news summary of the day's developments.

This program aired on March 26, 2003.

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