Show rundown for 3/28/2003

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Report from the North

Correspondent Michael Goldfarb has the latest war news from Northern Iraq.

U.S. Military Gains and Setbacks

Retired Special Forces Colonel Kalev Sepp analyzes the U.S. military's gains and setbacks so far as the push towards Baghdad continues.

U.S. and Brits Differ Over Postwar Iraq

President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrapped up their post-war Iraq meeting at Camp David yesterday, and some differences emerged regarding the U.S. and British visions for Iraq after Saddam Hussein.

Measuring the Work of Embedded Journalists

Our editorial roundtable considers embedded reporters and the kind of war coverage they're delivering.

U.S. Strikes on Iraq Communications Raise Legal Debate

The U.S. military is targeting Iraqi communications towers in Baghdad, but is it legal according to the Geneva Convention rules of war to do so?

Al Qaeda May Be Helping in Basra

There are some unconfirmed news reports out of Britain that Iraqi soldiers in and around the southern city of Basra are being supported by Al Qaeda operatives.

House Approves Day of Prayer for Troops

Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution calling for a National Day of Humility, Prayer, and Fasting to show support for U.S. troops.

Tracing the Phrase "Shock and Awe"

We analyze the origin of the now familiar military term "Shock and Awe."

Today's News Wrap-Up: March 28, 2003

A news wrap-up of the day's war-related developments.

This program aired on March 28, 2003.

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