Show rundown for 3/31/2003

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Troops Push To Baghdad

The latest from Baghdad, as U.S. forces approach the key city in the war campaign.

Basra Report

A report from the southern Iraq city of Basra for the latest on the military situation there.

Military Analysis 03/31/03

Retired Special Forces Colonel Kalev Sepp has analysis on the U.S. military strategy as the war progresses.

Secretary Rumsfeld Warns Syria, Iran

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had stern words of warning recently for Syria, accusing that country of supplying equipment to Iraq. He also says Iran, Iraq's neighbor to the east, should halt any plans to develop a nuclear program.

Bush Admin and Field Generals Rift

Our Washington Roundtable discusses the rift that is seeming to grow between Bush administration officials and the field generals conducting the war.

Arab Influx into Iraq

There are increasing reports of Arabs from countries outside Iraq pouring into the country to fight against coalition forces.

Uniforms, Communications, and the Geneva Convention

We examine Geneva Convention rules regarding soldiers identified by their uniforms and the bombing of communications towers and transmitters.

Arizona Native Americans Unite Over Missing Soldiers

In Arizona, a small town is distraught over reports that a female U.S. soldier--a Hopi Indian--is missing in Iraq. Hope for her safe return is uniting members of the otherwise contentious Hopi and Navajo tribes in the town.

Iraqi Americans on the War, Part II

We speak with some Iraqi Americans for their thoughts and concerns about the war.

Today's News Wrap-Up: March 31, 2003

A summary of the day's events and developments.

This program aired on March 31, 2003.

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