Show rundown for 4/3/2003

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The Stage in Baghdad

A report from Baghdad as coalition forces move ever closer to the Iraqi capital.

Military Analysis

Retired Special Forces Colonel Kalev Sepp joins us in the studio to analyze the latest military movements and strategy.

Homeland Security Debate

New York State Congressman James Walsh talks about debate among lawmakers on how to dole out Homeland Security funds to various states.

Thoughts from America's Heartland

We hear thoughts on the war from some people in the Pennsylvania heartland.

Powell Asks for U.N. Help after War

Colin Powell told NATO allies in Brussels that the U.S. seeks a partnership with the U.N. for reconstruction of a postwar Iraq.

Iraqi Government Post-Saddam

We speak with a Washington Post reporter about some of the Bush administration planning for a government in a post-Saddam Iraq.


Listener letters and comments.

Frontline's "Blair's War"

We preview the new PBS "Frontline" special "Blair's War," which looks at the current conflict and the events leading up to it from a British perspective.

Today News Wrap-Up April 3, 2003

A wrap up of the day's war developments.

This program aired on April 3, 2003.

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