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U.S. Forces Move into Heart of Baghdad

U.S. forces are running into fierce resistance as they continue to move into the heart of Baghdad today.

British Take Basra, Iraqis Loot Basra

Iraqi civilians attacked militiamen and looted a state bank as British troops moved to take control of the nation's second-largest city Monday.

Killebrew on War Tactics

Retired Colonel Bob Killebrew discusses the latest military maneuvers by coalition forces.

Bush to Meet Blair in N. Ireland

Our Washington roundtable focuses on President Bush's meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in Northern Ireland tonight.

State Department Releases Human Rights Report

The U.S. State Department releases its annual report on Human Rights today--and some nations receiving poor marks are among the coalition of the willing supporting the war in Iraq.

Gulf War I Illnesses

WBUR reporter Rachel Gotbaum has been speaking with veterans of the Gulf War in 1991 about illnesses they've suffered since they served in that conflict, and reports on new plans to prevent Gulf War Syndrome in the current war.

Ballet Great Merrill Ashley

New York City Ballet great Merrill Ashley talks about the challenge of preserving the dance legacy of the late George Balanchine.

Writing from Gulf War I

Literary critic Steve Almond talks about some of the best writing to have emerged from the Gulf war in 1991.

World News Wrap-Up: April 7, 2003

Beyond the war in Iraq, a summary of other world news.

This program aired on April 7, 2003.

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