Show rundown for 4/14/2003

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U.S. Faces Resistance in Tikrit

An update on the situation in Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's ancestral home own, and the latest focus for U.S. forces as they continue the process of dismantling the Hussein regime.

Bush Administration Shows Diplomatic Shift

We examine the seeming diplomatic shift in the Bush administration regarding other potential conflicts in countries like North Korea and Syria.

Cuba Cracks Down on Dissidents

In Cuba, up to 75 dissidents were jailed recently, given long-term sentences in a new wave of crackdowns on opposition political activity by communist leader Fidel Castro.

Tax Cuts and the Cost of War

Our Washington roundtable considers President Bush's proposed tax cuts and the cost of the war.

Uncovering Weapons of Mass Destruction

We speak with former chief nuclear weapons inspector David Kaye about the strategies and methods for trying to uncover weapons of mass destruction.

Marine Moms

We hear the voices of "Marine Moms," a group of women with sons and daughters serving in Iraq who meet to offer support and solace to each other.

Jazz Releases

Jazz critic James Isaacs talks about two new CD releases from Soulive and Los Hombres Calientes — bands that will playing later this month at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Today's News Wrap-Up: April 14, 2003

A wrap-up of the day's developments in the war.

This program aired on April 14, 2003.

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