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SARS Cases Rise in Beijing

There are repercussions in China over government officials covering up outbreaks of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The story is now front page news in China, and the mayor of Beijing has been fired for his handling of the case.

Lessons from Kosovo

Now that the war in Iraq is winding down, the difficult task of rebuilding the nation begins. Are there lessons to be learned from another U.S.-led rebuilding effort in Kosovo?

Fighting Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq

Dick Gordon, host of the NPR show "The Connection", speaks with us about efforts to stave off a humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

Task Force Created to Mend U.S.-Europe Rift

A task force has been created to help mend the diplomatic rift between the United States and much of Europe over the handling of the conflict with Iraq and other issues.

Iraqi Doctors Credited in Lynch Survival

There are reports that the Iraqi doctors who treated rescued P.O.W Jessica Lynch also doubled as her guardians, making it possible to keep her alive long enough to be liberated.

Diplomacy after Iraq

Our Washington roundtable looks at the work ahead for U.S. government officials now that the war with Iraq appears to be over, work that includes delicate diplomacy relating to Syria and North Korea.

Shakespeare Competition

We hear sounds from a high school Shakespeare competition in Massachusetts, in celebration of the immortal Bard's 439th birthday this week.

Rosanne Cash

Music critic Tim Riley reviews new music by Rosanne Cash.

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