Show rundown for 4/25/2003

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A Nuclear North

We'll take a closer look at the possibility of a nuclear North Korea and ask if there's been any progress at the summit talks in Beijing.

Shia v. Sunni

What does the Shia resurgence in Iraq mean for the Shia and Sunni populations in other neighboring countries?

NY Shia Prisoners File Suit

Four Shia prisoners are suing the state of New York for not providing them with a prison chaplain of their Muslim sect.

Dying at Home

Robin Young speaks to an 85 year old man who was just told that he has days to live and is asked to move into a nursing home. He's decided he wants to die at home.

Journalists and War Booty

Members of our press panel discuss the controversy of journalists taking "war booty" while covering the war in Iraq.

Sakharov Statue

Bill Delaney pays a visit to the home of Tatiana Yankelevich, the widow of Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov.

A Mighty Wind

You'll never listen to folk music the same way again; we review the new comedy "A Mighty Wind."

This program aired on April 25, 2003.


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