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Israelis, Palestinians Get "Roadmap" to Peace

International mediators have presented Israelis and Palestinians with a "road map" to peace, even as violence continues in the region. We examine the provisions of the plan.

Ethics and the World Stage

Justine Rosenthal, Director of the Executive Office, Council on Foreign Relations, argues that international diplomacy has gone through a transformation in recent years, with ethics now playing a critical role in determining how nations act on the world stage.

Frontline's "Burden of Innocence"

A new PBS Frontline special examines the lives of people wrongly convicted of crimes.

Bush to Address Nation

President Bush will address the nation tonight regarding the war in Iraq from the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln."

HMV Closes in Cambridge

We pay a visit to a large HMV music store that's about to close its doors in Cambridge, Massachusetts, due to a decrease in customer traffic.

Mailbag 5/1/2003

Listener letters and comments.

Five Classic Plays Released on DVD

Bill Marx reviews film versions of classic plays that are now available on DVD and video.

This program aired on May 1, 2003.

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