Show rundown for 5/5/2003

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Pakistan Offers Nuclear Disarmament

A potential breakthrough in relations between long time rivals--and neighboring nations--India and Pakistan: Pakistian's foreign ministry says the country is willing to get rid of its nuclear weapons if India will do the same.

"Group of 8" Nations Meet on Terrorism

Justice ministers from the so-called "Group of 8" nations are meeting in Paris, brainstorming on ways to prevent and fight back against terrorist attacks and share information between nations.

William Bennett and Gambling

Former Secretary of Education William Bennett, who has made his reputation by extolling traditional virtues and family values, is reportedly a heavy casino gambler who has lost thousands of dollars playing video poker and high stakes slot machines.

McCarthy Hearings Made Public

The Senate released 4,000 pages of closed-door transcripts from the infamous McCarthy hearings of the 1950s.

Democratic Debate Fallout

Our Washington roundtable discusses the fallout from the first debate among the nine Democratic presidential hopefuls in South Carolina.

"Old Man of the Mountain" Collapses

The "Old Man of the Mountain," the rock face at Franconia Notch, has collapsed.

Holy Minimalism

We take a look at a growing movement in classical music known as "Holy Minimalism."

This program aired on May 5, 2003.

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