Show rundown for 5/6/2003

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Heist in Iraq

Revelations of an incredible bank robbery in Iraq just hours before the U.S. began its assault on the country: one of Saddam Hussein's sons apparently made off with $1 billion from the Central Bank.

Proposed Gun Bill Protects Manufacturers

We examine a gun bill pending in the Senate that would ban the victims of gun crimes from suing the manufacturers or sellers of the weapons.

The Psychology Behind Cutting

Health reporter Judy Foreman talks about the psychology of "cutting," a practice in which people deliberately cut themselves and draw blood.

Education Budget Cuts

Across the country, local school districts are feeling the pain of education budget cuts. We speak with the principal of a school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and with the Deputy Secretary of Education in Washington D.C.

UNC Required Reading

The University of North Carolina has drawn attention for adding the Koran to its required reading list for incoming freshmen. We check back to see what's on the school's reading list this year.

The Dancer Upstairs

Renowned actor and first-time director John Malkovich speaks with us about his new film "The Dancer Upstairs."

This program aired on May 6, 2003.

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