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Bomb in Saudi Arabia Kills at Least 20

A series of suicide bombings last night at a residential compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia left at least 20 dead and many wounded.

Assessing an Al Qaeda Link

An expert Al Qaeda analyst talks about scrutinizing the Riyadh bombings to see if the attacks carry the signature of the terrorist network.

History of Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has long been a flashpoint for terrorism. We track the history of terrorism-related violence in the Arab country.

Bioinformatics Technology Conference

A preview of the major players and innovations being featured this year at the O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference in San Diego.

Professor Opposes Student-Teacher Dating Ban

The University of California is banning dating between professors and students. We speak with a professor who married one of his students and thinks the ban is a bad idea.

David Isay's "StoryCorps"

Oral historian David Isay talks about his latest project, StoryCorps, in which trained facilitators help people off the streets interview their loved ones in small recording studios placed public spaces across the United States.

The Shape of Things

Filmmaker Neil Labute has made his reputation telling stories that highlight the cruel side of human nature, and his latest movie "The Shape of Things" appears to be no exception.

This program aired on May 13, 2003.

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