Show rundown for 5/16/2003

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Bush Corporate Tax Plan Approved in Senate

A plan to eliminate taxes, at least temporarily, on corporate dividends passed the Senate by a slim margin yesterday, a victory for President Bush. We take a closer look at the details of the plan and its chances for passage in the House.

Taiwan Health Minister Resigns over SARS Outbreak

Taiwan's health minister resigned today, taking responsibility for not dealing effectively to contain the outbreak, and China announced a suspension of foreign adoptions to help curb the disease.

Photojournalist Steve McCurry

We speak with renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry about his new collection, "South Southeast."

Jayson Blair in the News

Our editorial roundtable discusses the scandal surrounding New York Times reporter Jayson Blair, who was found to have fabricated and plagiarized dozens of items during his tenure with the Times and the Boston Globe.

Fusing Machine to Animal

We speak to a professor who uses animal-machine connections to discover the secrets of brain power.

The Matrix Reloaded

Our film reviewers discuss the sequel to the science fiction hit "The Matrix."

This program aired on May 16, 2003.

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