Show rundown for 5/29/2003

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Child Tax Credit Dropped from Bush Tax Plan

Before President Bush signed a new tax cut plan into law yesterday, a provision to provide a child tax credit to minimum wage earners was dropped from the bill.

Looking Back at the O'Neill Report

It's now clear that the federal budget deficit will be enormous, but dismissed Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill warned it would be so earlier this year.

Combat Continues in Iraq

U.S. soldiers are still being shot and killed in Iraq, despite an end to major military operations there two months ago.

Thoughts of Regime Change in Iran

Is the case being made now for regime change in Iran? We discuss the possibility with intelligence experts.

Teacher Claims Students Missing Vital Writing Education

We speak with an English teacher who says today's students are being taught primarily how to succeed at test-taking, at the expense of learning vital writing skills.

Florida's Third Grade Falls Short

Almost 25% of Florida's third grade students may be held back because they flunked a new mandatory exam.


Listener letters and comments.

Pat Metheny

We speak with and hear music by virtuoso jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, who's been tutoring aspiring musicians at the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

This program aired on May 29, 2003.

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