Show rundown for 6/9/2003

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Peace Against Deep Recession in Israel

Israel is in the midst of one of its worst recessions in its 55-year history. We talk about Israel's economy and how economic factors are influencing the peace process.

Creating an Al Qaeda Connection

Leaks from intelligence community insiders tell that the Bush and Blair governments misused their spy agencies to build a case for war in Iraq.

Death by Firing Squad

A man on death row in Utah wants to die by firing squad. The state says, "yes."

Reunion of Neighbors and Friends, Muslim and Jewish

An Iraqi Jewish teenager and a five-year old Muslim boy were neighbors in Baghdad, in the 1970s. In 1978 the teenager fled Iraq with her family and lost touch with the Muslim boy. Recently, they reunited and became the subject of a recent New York Times op-ed cartoon.

Hillary's Memoir

The Hillary Rodham Clinton memoir is hot off the press, so we talk to members of the DC Roundtable about the buzz in Washington.

Monkey Pox

A virus similar to smallpox has made its first appearance in the Western Hemisphere, infecting four people in the Midwest.

Classical Highlights

Here and Now's classical music connoisseur talks about some of the concert highlights coming up this summer.

This program aired on June 9, 2003.

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